With an A+ BBB rating, we have over 18 years of experience in the Omaha real estate market buying, selling, leasing, and helping people become homeowners. We have experience in short sales, foreclosure prevention, lease/option sales, bank REOs and estate sales. 5109 Real Estate is a local, Omaha company focused on creating win-win situations in all interactions.
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Benefits of Homeownership

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Benefits of Homeownership

  • Home value appreciation. Home values have historically increased in value by 3-5% per year in Omaha. On a $100,000 home that is $3,000 – $5,000 per year!
  • Leverage! If you buy a home for $100,000 with a $5,000 down payment and your home increases in value 5% in a year you make $5,000 in appreciation. You make $5,000 in one year on your $5,000 investment! That is a 100% return on your investment!
  • The monthly reduction in your loan balance also known as a principal reduction. With each month’s mortgage payment, a portion of that payment goes toward paying down your loan amount and each month’s payment pays off a larger portion of the loan.
  • Capital gains exclusions. If you own your house for 2 or more years when you sell you get to keep all of the profits tax-free! Up to $250,000 tax-free for an individual and $500,000 tax-free for a couple!
  • As you build equity in your home through appreciation and principal reduction you can take a “Home Equity Line of Credit” out against the equity in your house. The interest rate on this line of credit is typically the lowest you can get and the interest that you pay on it over the year is tax-deductible.
  • Over time you save substantial money by owning your home compared to renting it and you own an asset that automatically builds wealth over time.
  • In many cases in Omaha, it costs less to own your home than to rent it, saving you money each month.

All of these benefits don’t take into consideration the tax benefits you get from owning your home, which include the ability to write-off the interest you pay to the bank on your loan as well as your property taxes and insurance

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